Our Story

Lunai Jewelry is a handcrafted jewelry brand founded in Mallorca, Spain, in 2014. Our founders, Armando and Bea, have years of experience in jewelry and accessory design. Our design process is guided by them, and it starts with observation.


We find inspiration as much in nature as in culture – in forms and materials shaped by time, by the elements, or by the human hand. Whatever the origin of our discoveries, we approach them filled with curiosity, always in search of beauty, stories, and opportunities.


Our job is to share our findings through jewelry designs that are balanced, sustainable, and creative.We believe our handcrafted pieces bear the unmistakable mark of “not perfection.” Far from compromising the design, this human quality brings the beauty of the natural and the shapable into our work.


Respect is at the root of everything we do. We feel a special responsibility to care for the environment, from which we extract resources and materials, and to honor human anatomy, which our jewelry aspires to complement and enhance.

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